Car safety features: what you need to know

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A brief overview of some of the latest vehicle safety technologies

Sacramento, California, December 3, 2021/PRNewswire/ - Frederick Penney, attorney for Penney and Associates,, introduced some of the latest safety feature vehicles in 2021 . Newer cars are safer cars. One reason for this is the huge leaps in car safety year after year. For example, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), a non-profit organization that conducts crash tests on new cars, received more Top Safety Picks in 2021 than ever before.

Automakers continue to develop new safety technologies and functions designed to help drivers reach their destinations safely.

New car safety technologies have saved thousands of lives, and future technologies are even more promising.

Between 1960 and 2012, advances in car safety saved more than 600,000 lives.

NHTSA estimates that compared with cars of the same size in the 1950s, a new car on the road has a 56% lower risk of death for its occupants. All in all, NHTSA stated that improvements in vehicle safety over the years have saved an estimated 600,000 lives.

Car safety has made great strides. Nowadays, consumers pay attention to safety as much as any other factor when buying a car—51% of new car buyers want a rear-view camera, and 45% of consumers want to install a blind spot monitoring system in their new car. These safety features did not appear until the last 10 to 20 years, and they have now become standard equipment in most vehicles.

Consumers need safety, and automakers are providing it.

Today, almost all new cars of all brands are equipped with some type of collision avoidance or mitigation system. Many of these systems are even standard on basic cars, but buyers usually have to pay extra for features such as 360° surround view. Some of the most popular and effective car safety features currently available include:

Lane Keeping Assist: Lane keeping assist makes minor adjustments to ensure that the car stays in the correct lane. Some cars make sounds or lights on the dashboard to remind the driver that the system is activated, while others make fine adjustments to the direction of the car without warning.

Lane Departure Warning: Unlike Lane Keeping Assist, the Lane Departure Warning system does not make minor adjustments. Cars equipped with this system will only emit noise or light on the dashboard to remind the driver to steer the car into the lane.

Automatic emergency braking: Using cameras and/or radar, automatic emergency braking will automatically stop the vehicle before the driver steps on the brakes. These systems work by measuring the distance of the vehicle ahead. Once the car is too close to the back of another car, the system will automatically stop.

Pedestrian detection: The system will use cameras and/or radar to detect pedestrians. Some cars equipped with this system will automatically brake, while other cars will only alert the driver.

Blind Spot Monitoring: Sensors installed at the rear of the vehicle monitor traffic in adjacent lanes that the driver cannot see in the rearview mirror. Most cars with this function have a warning light on the exterior mirror, which can be clearly seen from the driver's seat.

360° Surround View: 360° Surround View provides a 360° image of the exterior of the car. Mainly used when parking, the view is displayed on the infotainment screen. Multiple cameras located around the car generate images.

Keep in mind that not all new cars have the above-mentioned features, and most automakers use their own internal systems. For example, Honda's lane keeping assist system may be more sensitive to the surrounding environment than Toyota's lane keeping assist system. If you have more questions, please contact the car dealer directly.

The following are four automotive safety features that are expected to debut in the near future.

The car itself is smarter than ever. Manufacturers are taking full advantage of the ever-increasing computing power available today. This processing capability makes it possible to implement functions such as lane keeping assist and forward collision warning standards on new cars.

With this in mind, it is not surprising that manufacturers are testing new and even more complex features. The following are the four new safety features that are expected to be equipped in new cars in the next few years:

1) Augmented reality display: The augmented reality display is designed to provide drivers with all the information they need, from navigation to songs played on the radio, all in sight. This technology is similar to (but better than) a head-up display, which projects information such as vehicle speed and time onto the front window directly above the dashboard.

The augmented reality display in today’s test can track the driver’s eyes to ensure that important information is always displayed in their sight. Developers even found that drivers reacted to augmented reality displays faster than ringtones and beeps, which actually did not convey information. The question is, will this technology distract the driver's field of vision? Time will tell us.

2) Adaptive high beam (ADB): Have you ever been blinded by oncoming headlights when driving at night? This is a common problem. Adaptive headlights are designed to alleviate this problem by automatically moving the headlight beam away from oncoming drivers.

ADB headlights use blinds to temporarily block the light when an approaching vehicle is detected. Some LED-based ADB headlights actually turn off some of the lights to reduce the glare caused to other drivers.

This technology has already been adopted in Europe. A 2019 study by AAA found that European cars equipped with ADB headlights had 86% higher road lighting effects than American cars equipped with standard low beam lights.

The good news for American drivers is that the 2021 Infrastructure Act legalizes ADB headlights in the United States, so we should see them on the road in the near future.

3) Active driver monitoring: If you have temporarily removed your attention from the road, then you are not alone. However, a driver who always concentrates on the road will make everyone safer. This is where active driver monitoring comes into play.

The principle of active driver monitoring is to alert you when you lose concentration. If you have experience driving semi-autonomous vehicles, then you may already know this technology. You will receive a beep or beep as well as an obvious reminder to remind you to put your hands on the steering wheel and pay attention.

At present, this function mainly appears in luxury cars. However, automakers plan to start installing active driver monitoring systems in more standard models. One of the main problems they have to solve is the accident caused by the driver encountering a medical emergency while driving. Medical emergencies can incapacitate the driver and cause the car to lose control. The active monitoring system can be used in combination with other safety functions to realize automatic braking and steering, so that the car can stop safely, thereby reducing the possibility of collision.

4) In-car motion detection: Leaving children or pets in a hot car can cause tragedy. Every year, about 40 children die of heatstroke in unattended hot cars.

Manufacturers are trying to eliminate this possibility through internal motion sensors that detect if someone is left in the car. Then program the car to sound an alarm, and even send a notification to the owner’s cell phone.

Automakers Hyundai and Kia have adopted this form in some models, but experts support legislation to make it a standard feature in all new models.

Although autonomous driving is a popular feature, it needs significant improvement because humans are still better at driving cars.

Tesla is one of the first automakers to bring semi-autonomous driving technology to the market. But Tesla Autopilot did not turn the car into a fully self-driving car.

These systems enable semi-autonomous driving, which means that even on the highway, the car can automatically steer, maintain speed and brake. Some semi-autonomous vehicles can also switch lanes on their own. But they may be restricted in bad weather, such as rain or snow. Reports of poor performance in the real world are common.

So far, no automaker has released a fully autonomous vehicle. IIHS warns that fully autonomous vehicles will not eliminate traffic accidents.

Driver errors have an impact in most car accidents. This is why automation is considered a potential security game changer. However, if the automated system drives like a human, self-driving cars may prevent about one-third of accidents.

The institute’s analysis shows that only about one-third of [all collisions] are the result of errors that autonomous vehicles should avoid, simply because they have more accurate perception than human drivers and are less prone to disability .

However, reducing accident rates is a worthwhile goal, and with the emergence of various other new safety features, driving will become safer than ever. But there have been many accidents with autonomous vehicles, and these accidents will be discussed in future blogs.

Vehicle safety technology has made great progress and will continue to improve in the near future.

If you are buying a new car, you may be familiar with the long list of safety features that each manufacturer touts-this is a good thing! Facts have proved that the new cars manufactured today are safer than ever before. As the technology is tested and implemented in new cars in the future, this cycle will continue.

When you are ready to buy a new car, please investigate. IIHS has a database of crash test results, and recently they started to score safety features such as automatic braking to let consumers know how these features actually work.

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